Friday, 26 July 2013

A Royal Birth? Some Royal geneaology!

So, apart from a train crashing in Spain, what exactly has happened this week? All right that and the birth of Prince George! In fact for most of the last fortnight only the Royal birth has happened, if the headlines are to be believed. We now have three generations of male heirs to the throne, but the Queen doesn't look like she is about to step aside anytime soon. She might even outlive Charles, so the next monarch could well be William.

Unfortunately there has been some questions about the Royal Genetics, are they even real Aryans? Below is a study made into what is claimed to be the Royal bloodlines. I think you will agree it makes interesting reading, unless you are, of course the most ardent Royalist...

Below is a comprehensive list of how Prince Charles of Wales is related to and has the blood line to rule the world:

Some Ethnic Strains in the Royal Family

ARAB Queen Elizabeth II descends from the Muslims who created the Arab Andalusian civilisation of Spain. Since some of those people sprang from the family of the Prophet, The Queen herself is a descendent either directly or collaterally of Mohammed. When Her Majesty visited Morocco in 1980, the Moroccan media pointed out this Islamic ancestry of Canada's Queen.

ARMENIAN The Prince of Wales (Charles) descends from both the medieval Armenian Kings and from the earlier rulers of ancient Armenia.

AUSTRIAN (and SWISS) All the immediate Royal Family have Habsburg ancestors who came originally from Switzerland, and who created the state of Austria.

BELGIAN Although the modern Belgian state dates only from 1830, the Belgian cultural heritage is that of old Burgundy. The famous Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy, is a direct ancestor of Charles the Prince of Wales. Pictures also show that the Prince and Charles the Bold look remarkably alike.

BYZANTINE GREEK The Duke of Edinburgh (Prince Philip) has the blood of the Angeloi and Sommenoi Emperors of the East as well as the famous Palaeologus Sovereigns of Byzantium in his veins.

CHINESE During the visit of Queen Elizabeth II to China in 1986, articles published in the Chinese media traced Her Majesty's lineage to the Tang Dynasty who Emperors provided the Chinese Empire with a period of great peace, prosperity and artistic achievement.

CROATIAN The Croatian ancestry of The Queen included the House of Subic. Her Majesty is also descended from several Bans of Croatia.

CUMAN The Cumans originally lived in south Russia before being driven west into Hungary by the Mongols. Kutyen, their Khan, is an ancestor of Charles the Prince of Wales.

CZECH All the Bohemian Kings who left children are ancestors of the Prince of Wales.

DANISH Through the Duke of Edinburgh (Prince Philip) the Royal Family is Danish in the male line.

DUTCH William the Silent, Prince of Orange and founder of the Dutch state, is a forebear of the Prince of Wales (Charles).

ENGLISH Charles the Prince of Wales descends from every English King who left descendants except Charles I, Charles II and James II. The Prince's son, Prince William of Wales, is a descendant several times over of Charles I, Charles II and James II through his mother Diana, Princess of Wales.

FRENCH Queen Elizabeth II is descended from Saint Louis, who was King Louis IX, the most famous medieval King of France, and from many other Carolingian, Capetian and Valois Sovereigns. Prince William of Wales, through his mother Diana, is descended five times over from Henri IV, King of France, who sent Champlain to Canada and who by insisting that commercial activities in the new land be accompanied by settlement laid the original foundations of the French-speaking community of Canada.

GEORGIAN Now once again an independent country, Georgia was a kingdom as long ago as the days of the Greco-Roman world. The Prince of Wales (Charles) descends from many of its monarchs, ancient and modern.

GERMAN German ancestry makes up a good part of the Royal Family's background. Included in it are the great medieval Emperors and the dynasties of Bavaria, Saxony, Hesse, Baden, Mecklenburg, Wurttemberg, Brunswick and Anhalt, as well as such famous families as Hohenlohe, Molkte and Trauttmansdorf. Frederick the Great was an ancestral uncle of the Duke of Edinburgh (Philip).

IRISH Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother brought the blood of the Dal Cais and Eoganacht dynasties of Munster and that of the Ui Neill High Kings into the Royal Family. The Prince of Wales (Charles) also descends from Brian Boru, Nial of the Nine Hostages and the Iron Age sacral Kings of Tara.

ITALIAN The Duke of Savoy, the medieval Kings of Sicily, the Orsini of Rome, the Visconti of Milan, the della Scala of Verona, the Doria of Genoa and the Gonzaga of Mantua are among the many Italian families who blood has come to Charles the Prince of Wales. The Royal House of Brunswick, after which New Brunswick was named and which everyone thinks of as German, was actually founded in Germany by an Italian named Azzo II, Marques of Este.

JEWISH The Prince of Wales (Charles) descends from the Colonna family who were Jewish in origin. He has also a descent from the Khazars (see below) who adopted Judaism as their religion. The Queen, her husband and her children have another Jewish descent from an historical figure named Makhir. Makhir was a Jewish Prince of the Davidic Royal House sent by Caliph Harun-al-Rashid as ambassador to the Emperor Charlemagne at the end of the 9th century. Makhir remained in Europe where he founded a family, one of whose descendants marries into the medieval English Royal Family.

KHAZAR The Khazars formed a powerful state between the Byzantine Empire and the Islamic world. The Queen is descended from Menu Morat, Elteber of te Bihar Khazars.

LITHUANIAN The Queen is a descendant of Gedimin, the last pagan King of the Lithuanians who died in 1341.

MONGOL The Prince of Wales (Charles) certainly has Mongol blood and is a direct descendant of Genghis Khan. This relationship provides the Royal Family with another link to China, for Genghis Khan's grandson Kublai Khan became Emperor of China and founder of its Yuan Dynasty.

NORWEGIAN Harold Haardrade, King of Norway, and the old Norse jarls of Orkney are ancestors of the Prince of Wales (Charles).

PERSIAN Through his mother, Prince William of Wales descends from Arsakes Vologaeses V Dikaios Epiphanes Philhellen, sacral King of Parthia, of the Parthian Royal House of Arsaces who ruled Persia (Iran), Mesopotamia and Babylon. The Parthian kings in turn claimed descent from the earlier Achaemenid Dynasty. If true, that relationship would make Prince William a descendant of Cyrus the Great and establish a blood link with classical Greece.

POLISH The original Piast Dynasty and Jagielonian Kings up to Sygmunt I (d. 1548) are all ancestors of the Prince of Wales (Charles). During her visit to Poland in 1996, The Queen made public reference to her Polish ancestors.

PORTUGUESE Alfonzo, Duke of Braganza (son of King John I) is an ancestor of the Royal Family. The Holy Constable who secured the independence of Portugal is also an ancestor several times over of Prince William of Wales.

ROMANIAN Queen Mary, grandmother of Elizabeth II, brought Romanian blood into the Royal Family as well as Hungarian. Thus The Queen is descended from Vlad Dracul, Prince of Wallachia and father of the original Dracula.

RUSSIAN The Prince of Wales (Charles) descends from Peter the Great and Catherine the Great as well as the princes of the Rurik period. The later Russian Emperors right up to and including Nicholas II were close relatives of the Royal Family.

SCOTTISH King George VI (his grandfather) and the Duke of Edinburgh (his father) together have provided the Prince of Wales (Charles) with twenty-two descents from Mary Queen of Scots and over two hundred from Robert the Bruce.

SERBIAN Serbia's greatest ruler, Emperor Stephan Dusan, and the first King of Serbia, Stephen I, are both ancestors of The Queen.

SPANISH Ferdinand and Isabella, sponsors of the discovery of America by Columbus, and the epic Spanish hero El Cid are among the notable Spanish Ancestors of Queen Elizabeth II.

SWEDISH Through the Duke of Edinburgh (Prince Philip), the Prince of Wales (Charles) is descended from the Peace Kings of Uppsala and the rulers of Sweden in the age of the sagas, as well as many other historic figures of that land.

UKRAINIAN Elizabeth II is 31st in direct descent from Volodymyr Monomachus ruler of the Ukraine.

WELSH As befits a Prince of Wales, Charles is descended from Llywelyn the Great and most of the Welsh kings and princes back to the time the Romans left Britain.

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Monday, 24 June 2013

Why Not UKIP?

During the recent county council elections, I was driving around East Sussex, and saw many houses covered in UKIP signs. Even a much respected comrade had the signs up, when I asked why, I was told they were the best option available in that area. I of course told my comrade that I would have preferred to spoil my ballot paper, but seeing as Brighton & Hove didn't have an election I didn't get the chance to do that. So why would I rather not vote than vote UKIP. The obvious reason is the lack of any racial policy, if anything they encourage the 'PC' approach, allowing anyone of any ethic group to join. They have done everything they can to distance themselves from us, so why the hell should we support / vote for them? But there is more! They have showed there hand in those elections, and even more recently in Scotland. Will Farage turn up in Wales next? Maybe Northern Ireland? What I know is that wherever he goes he will cause reactions.

Here in England, by standing in elections, they split the Tory right. If the same results were repeated in a general election they would probably get a handful of MP's elected. But the Labour Party would gain from the division caused with an elected majority government. This must be Farage's purpose, because UKIP are nowhere near big enough to form a national government, and they know it!

So what was all that fuss about in Scotland? Well they already have a nationalist party in Scotland, even if Alex Salmond and co are funded by Zionist divide and conquer merchants. There are also a great deal of left wing Labour voters. Both reacted somewhat violently when Farage visited Scotland. All this hiding in a pub and having to be driven away in a police van is good publicity. He may well get a handful of votes next time Scotland go to the polls, so who is he aiming to divide there? If it is the SNP, and right now I have no idea if it is, then Labour will win by a landslide. If they split the Labour vote and the SNP gains more seats, then political commentators everywhere will know for a fact that he is probably helicoptered into different areas in order to help his Zionist paymasters change the majority vote by causing all this division. This Farage character is no idiot, he is smart and he is articulate, he also appears to be a good strategist. My advise to any British Nationalist who see UKIP as the only way to stop LibLabCon, is to think again. It is a long game they are playing, but if they win it will not be a good thing for us. They might well get the other parties to give us a referendum on whether we stay in the EU, but in the long run they will be strategically placed in order to change the positions of the big three in elections.

Don't take them likely, they are a threat, but not to ZOG, to us

Friday, 14 June 2013

Why we can't just 'get along'.

Over the years, I have to admit that I've met some morons. Liberal lefties who absolutely refuse point blank to believe there is any difference between people of different races. This is the mindset of the masses, those people I often refer to as Lemmings. This so called political correctness is like a contagious disease, a disease that only a few people are immune to. We are the only light in a very dark world, unfortunately the very mention of us brings about a rabid, frothing at the mouth reaction from the Grande Pooh Bar of the Lemmings otherwise known as anti fascists. They have a habit of stirring up the ordinary lemmings and creating near riots whenever Nationalists do anything publicly. Therefore any indoor event has to be organised privately, as the big brave antifa are not beyond threatening the police with yet another riot of the unwashed, if they don't force the event hosts to cancel.

Then there are certain individuals from various ethnic and religious groups, they don't like us for obvious reasons, they don't want to be deported. The most vociferous of these groups are Muslims, they are here for one specific reason, to turn our white nations into Islamic nations with the enforcement of Shiria Law. Many of them arrived here as assylum seekers from Islamic state. Either they were never in any danger back in their homeland, or they are incredibly stupid, because they are trying to impose the same kind of regime here as they had apparently fled from. There are fanatic imams teaching younger Muslims that non Muslims are evil and must be destroyed. They believe that if they die trying to, or literally killing non Muslims they will go straight to heaven which will be eternal paradise. I would like to know why we are supposed to be friendly with people who want to either convert us or condemn us to death. The sooner we are able to deport these people to their own country of origin the better.

So here we all are again, a supposedly centre right non majority Tory govt coalition, with a Liberal party that is more left wing than Labour. They can't even get rid of Abu Qatada, and in trying to the govt have spent millions in legal costs.

It is time to organise, and yes I mean meeting in secret with security, RV points etc. Street activities have there place, but nothing can be discussed properly or planned because anybody can join in and anybody can listen to our conversations. Strategies, funds, new members, all can be sorted out more securely in a private meeting of trusted pan nationalists. I believe that over the last few years we have figured out who the rats are and have marginalised them, so the chances of our conversations ending up in Searchlies are minimal. In particular I would like to see a series of such meetings organised all over the country.

Brighton Nationalist Alliance photograph from 2005.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Britain for the British? You must be joking!

The recent horrific murder of serving soldier Lee Rigby has sent shock waves across Britain, and rightly so. As far as cowardly attacks go, this will be remembered as one of the worst. Drummer Lee was walking home, minding his own business, when he was run over by a car, then ensued a frenzied knife attack by two 'men', Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale. He was never given, even the remotest, chance to fight back. A hatchet was used, as the cowardly attackers tried to behead him. Fortunately they were too weak physically to carry out that part of their wicked plan. They backed off and tried to make excuses for their actions when confronted by a middle aged woman, of course they hadn't had the chance to run her over, so she wouldn't have been as incapacitated as poor Lee. Their pathetic attempts to make martyrs of themselves when the police arrived was filmed by witnesses, on their mobile phones, they didn't really look as though they were ready to die for their religion of peace, and were taken down easily.

Later it turns out that both of the 'men' were known to MI5 as a followers of Anjem Choudary, a leader of cowards, who once threatened to disrupt a memorial for fallen soldiers in Wooton Bassett. Later Choudary was quoted, saying that Lee Rigby, as a "non Muslim", would burn in hell, but that one of the attackers was "a nice man". Neither of the 'men' were considered to be dangerous.

So why was it that two obviously known radicalised Muslims were able to carry out such an attack? MI5 knew about them, why were their movements not tracked, their communications not monitored? The fact that they were within ten miles of an army barracks should have rung alarm bells, but they simply weren't being watched. The truth is that if you are not white indigenous Britons, the government and all of its agencies are scared of infringing upon your human rights. Of course we indigenous British whites can forget about this should we find ourselves in trouble, we, of course do not have even the most basic human rights.

Those of us old enough to remember the atrocities carried out on the British mainland by the Provisional IRA will remember a time when this kind of heinous crime happened somewhat more regularly. It seems like a lifetime has passed us by since 1974 when the IRA planted a bomb on a coach carrying servicemen and their families, killing 11 people. Or later that same year, when they planted bombs in two pubs in Guildford, Surrey. That explosions killed two soldiers, three ordinary people and injured 50 others. Back then there were numerous terrorist attacks in England and Northern Ireland, but we are not as used to such occurrences these days. That being said our security forces have a reputation as being some of the best when dealing with terrorism, so what have they been doing of late? Training Iraqi and Afghanistani policemen?

Whatever is happening here, we are being let down. Cast aside like so many old pairs of socks, and replaced with savages from the third world. And as the immigrants are allowed to multiply, some are fourth or even fifth generation, the politicians tongues venture further up their backsides with 'gay abandon'. The police will never investigate a radical Muslim as vigorously as they would a White Nationalist, and non whites will always be much more entitled to human rights, than the indigenous people of these Islands.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Rivers of blood? Is is coming?

And so Enoch Powell warned us about the coming red tide of blood, seems so long ago that most people doubt it's inevitability. We have had various warnings, such as the horrific murder of Kris Donald, the unbelievable carnage of 7/7, and just lately serving soldier Lee Rigby brutally hacked to death in broad daylight on a main road in Woolwich. This writer is certain that they, the radicalised Muslims within the UK are building up to something. While the closet red government, the Zionist press, and various other travelers assure us that this was a random act of terrorism, and the perpetrators have been caught, they hide from us the fact that MI5, Special Branch, COBRA, etc know what is coming. Why? One might ask, do they not want to rid us of the future terrorists? The Jihadists et al? We appear to be sleepwalking towards our own destruction. Anybody who dares to offend the Islamic curse foisted upon us by 60+ years of phoney government, will be punished harder than the very murderers they are protesting against. i believe that we, the indigenous white North Atlantic European British people, have just as much reason to detest this government and it's lackeys. While our sons and daughters are coming home from Afghanistan in coffins, terrorist cells are being radicalised and recruited right here on our island.

So who will protect the Great British public, when we are faced with not two, but thousands of murderers one day on all of out streets in broad daylight? When they begin to open fire with automatic weapons, where are we to find shelter? Poor Lee Rigby's murder was not a random act of terrorism, it was a blatant declaration of war, one of the killers even said as much. As for the press, in today's (26/5/2013) Sunday People we are warned that in order to put a stop to the recruitment of who they refer to as "racist scum", schools must become less segregated and more diverse. in other words they believe that the choice of parents as to how their children are educated should be further eroded. Push them together while they are young, so there is less chance of them disagreeing with each other when they grow up. the whole idea of enforced multiculturalism is fatally flawed, they know this, they have been enforcing it for decades now.

Also, it is worth noting, in order for our government to achieve such a society, we would have to surrender totally to the forces of Islamic Jihad. Because they sure as hell won't surrender or give up their fight, they won't be happy until all of Britannia is under Muslim rule and Sharia Law. Which brings me to the recent arrests in Oxford of seven Muslim paedophiles, who, obviously targeted, groomed, raped, and prostituted young white girls. If there was seven in a small place like Oxford, then how many nationwide? Don't for one minute believe that just because you don't live near Oxford that your children are safe. None of the people paid to make our country a safe place to live will be watching out for the kebab shop paedophile pimps, they are to worried about infringing upon their human rights. So, segregation, whether enforced or not, is a bad idea? So trusting of one another we should be, that we would allow our children to hang around outside takeaways, to accept gifts, drinks, cigarettes, drugs, rides in fancy cars, from strangers who value their lives about as much as the meat that ends up in their kebabs or curries?

Saturday, 4 May 2013


Remove the sword from our Brothers heart, then we find out to whom it belonged.
Be strong and be proud as the fight carries on. Because our people were wronged.

Our foes they  surround us as they did before.  And behind the police they will hide.
We'll raise up our flags with our heads held up high. It's our job to turn back the tide.

Back to back we stand in each other we trust, as the vermin they swarm all around.
There is only the one way that this one can end, because we never give up our ground.

So with blood on the floor our knuckles red raw, we will rout what is left of the scum.
We hail victory again without feeling pain, outnumbered once more yet we won.

Our love of our nation and race drives us on, we cannot and will not back down.
The Kamradshaft  will fight till the very last man, we'll chase you right out of our town.